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A great being comes our way.....

The seer and the seen as One.

I seem to have lost my way in the world somehow.
Perhaps necessary for  loneliness to grow to alone-ness.
There was a time,  literally a few blinks of the eyelids ago, when I was forging my way into the wilderness with 4 young kids, breaking every rule of conventional parenthood.  None of it which has seriously turned round to bite me on the arse.

And there was a page that gave my words space to fly, and this life expression a stage to be shared.
I loved the space and the people that came to visit.
We would visit each others blogs and share insights and love ......
and then the internet changed and it was easy to click  and click and click and click and click and click and click.
In this case anyway -
On a constant search that could never be satisfied.
Some days I would open the browsing history and would be appalled at the amount of mindless data I had regurgitated into the digital  ethers,  forever to roam in their substancelessness.

And in between ba…

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