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Surprising Oneself .....

It is not often that my actions surprise me.   Not in a lack of spontaneity  - gosh how do you spell that again.......  how to be that again......... and yet this is a tale of this rarity that unfolded.

One of great power.

Last week I ventured into town.
Beautiful blue skies with the few chemtrail streaks, vines slowly moving energy to their roots, sacrificing their foilage.

Entering the village the car in front of me hits a bird.
It rockets and tumbles into the sky simultaneously.
Shit I say.   And before I know that I have made a decision , the car is slowed down.
The thought is then there I must check on the bird although I could not see how it could have survived.   My next thought is well she is fresh enough to be food for Athena.

She is standing in the road, very still.    Approaching her and reassuring her through clicks she lets me pick her up.  I hold her against my chest, she is alert and still.
And very tame.   There are tags on her legs and after some investigation it is …

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